With a Flash of Wings

You’re a topsy-turvy,

upside-down eater,

a sleek seeker of seeds,

my little nuthatch friend.

You cling tail up

to the green metal mesh

and poke around

for a sunflower seed,

but you find none

because I failed to fill the feeder.

By the time I bring my bag of seeds,

you have flown.

I unhook your empty pantry and

pour in a waterfall of seeds.



sunflower grains,

shiny dark

speckled with white,

they pile up,

a feast for the feathered.

Before I can rehang the feeder,

you dash in

with a flash of wings,

and I freeze.

The feeder dangles from my fingers.

For a moment, you perch,

topsy-turvy, upside-down,

then snatch a snack

and dart away,

wings waving.

Sleek little beak-down clown,

you are brave to come so close.

Did you think I was a flower?

I’m wearing blossom pink—

not my favorite color,

but maybe yours?

Whatever you thought,

your presence was a compliment.

You made my heart glad,

and I thank you.

– kh –

Nurture peace, cultivate kindness, and carry the calm.

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