The Geese Come Flying Low


The geese come flying low this morning,

two of them skimming the treetops,

their crawnky call timed with the pulse of


“Look, look!

Here, here!

Now, now!”

And I do.

Gray-white bellies buoyed by the breeze,

wide wings flapping,

long dark necks stretched out straight,

they’re the picture of persistence,

of determination,

of certainty.

They know where they’re going—

I’m guessing the zoo,

which is not so far if you’re airborne.

They will be guests

at a lucky gathering of geese on the lawn.

They’ll flock and strut and lunch

and gather goose gossip

and rise as a group at sunset,

free to thread their own way

back through the sky

to where they began,


“Look, look!

Here, here!

Now, now!”

And gone.

– kh –


Nurture peace, cultivate kindness, and carry the calm.

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