Full of the Secret


Plump and round, brightly white,

the full moon smiled down

through my window.

I smiled back,

for I am also full—

full of peace veiled in soft moonglow,

full, too, of the secret we share,

the moon and I.

Maybe you share the secret too,

the secret of flipping the view.

Imagine the wonder of witnessing,

through a space-traveler’s eyes,

the turn-about’s-fair-play way

of gazing not at the moon

but at Earth,

of seeing not moonglow

but earthshine.

That is the secret:

the earth glows

just as the moon does.

Moonbeams drift down to Earth,

earthbeams drift up to the moon.

Full moon smiles down,

full Earth smiles up.

And the best part of the secret?

Maybe you didn’t know that you glow,

but you do, Earthling,

you do.




If you want to read more about earthshine, here’s a link.

Nurture peace, cultivate kindness, and carry the calm.


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