Absolutely Nothing

So . . . I did nothing,

absolutely nothing

except sit in an easy chair where

I could see out the window.

I did nothing but watch

the sun cross the hardwood floor,

making golden puddles and

shifting the shadows

until lines angled

in a grid of windowpane parallelograms

with long diagonals pointing toward me—

or perhaps the reverse—

pointing away from me.

I did absolutely nothing

but watch dust motes drift in a flock

through a broad sunbeam

and think of how we breathe them in and out

all the time.

No doubt they are even now floating

on my out-breath.

Still, I did absolutely nothing

but listen to the Golden bark next door

until she was satisfied that whatever

she was barking at—or for—was


I did nothing but admire

how the sun glinted through the tips

of my cat’s fur,

outlining her back with white light.

Yes, I did absolutely nothing,

for, after all, this is the season of Lent,

and I have decided to fast

from frantic busy-ness.

Plus, my New Year’s resolution was

to reclaim one day a week

as a day of rest.

So all afternoon, I sat

in my easy chair

in the sun

with a view out the window.

I did absolutely nothing

and discovered that nothing

is really


– kh –

Nurture peace, cultivate kindness, and carry the calm.

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