Peace and Possibility


The energy of this week lost some of its spark at the death of a lovely friend, a good, creative, and generous soul. I’m grateful for the community we shared at Art and Soul Nashville, where she was—and her memory continues to be—a joyful, hopeful part of the welcome, the creativity, the encouragement, and the peace.

Here are some thoughts on peace that I wrote a few weeks ago:


For Peace

I’m grateful for the gentle souls

who hear peace,

hold it in their hearts and

hum it into mine.


I’m grateful for the fiery souls

who envision peace,

sing it out loud and

shout its possibilities into the world.


I’m grateful for souls both gentle and fiery

who know peace is both deep and wide,

sometimes the gift of a whispered breeze,

sometimes a hard-won shelter in storm.


I pray for the holding,

the hoping,

the healing

of peace.

– KH


Nature of the week:

Shadow of the Week – short cat, long shadow:

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