Infinite Calm and Exceeding Peace


Deep in the soul, below pain,

below all the distraction of life,

is a silence vast and grand –

an infinite ocean of calm,

which nothing can disturb;

nature’s own exceeding peace…


R.M. Bucke


Nurture peace, cultivate kindness, and carry the calm.


Nature of the week:

Shadow of the Week:

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A Soul Ajar

“The soul should always

stand ajar, ready to

welcome the ecstatic


– Emily Dickinson –


Leave your soul ajar this week. Watch. Listen. Hold on to what enriches you.

Nourish peace,

cultivate loving kindness,

and carry the calm.


Nature photo of the week– a tiny star-shaped bud, smaller than my pinkie nail, tracked indoors onto the carpet:


Shadow of the Week – made by the acanthus design of a window at the Frist Center of the Visual Arts:


Text and photos © 2016 Karyn Henley. All rights reserved.