So Many Reasons


The sky is crying today,

softly, slowly dripping tears down my windows.

And why wouldn’t it?

The world is rumbling, tumbling,

churning, turning,

so much hurt,

so much hate,

so many reasons to cry.

But past the teardrops on my window screen,

I can see two squirrels

skittering up the trunk of a pine tree,

its branches stretching high

brushing away the tears in the crying sky.

The two squirrels have made a runway

through the deep green maze of pines.

They scamper in stops and starts up and down.

On the way up, they carry bundles of fresh

spring leaves they’ve nibbled off the bushes below.

They’re building a nest near the tip-top

in a thicket of pine needles.

It’s almost invisible, a dark bulk

nestled between branches,

swaying in the breeze.

I assume squirrels do this every spring—

build their penthouse nests—

but this is the first time I’ve seen them

carrying greenery,

refurbishing their nursery.

I suppose they know what they’re doing,

trusting swaying pines

not to toss them out but to rock them,

not to crash but cradle them.

So I’m trusting those little squirrels

and the pine trees too.

I’m trusting the return of spring,

the bloom of dogwood,

the robin hopping along the porch rail.

Trees sway,

skies cry,

the world churns,

but we will gather fresh bundles of hope,

carry them along the mazes of our world,

jump the chasms,

bridge the gaps,

and build at the very top,

stretching high into the crying sky

to brush away the tears.

– kh –


Nurture peace, cultivate kindness, and carry the calm.


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A Child Asleep


“A heart at peace gives life to the body.”

– Proverbs 14:30, the Bible –

On the way to the mailbox yesterday, I met my next-door neighbor, who happened to be going to her mailbox. My one-year-old grandson was with me, so I introduced them and apologized for his lack of enthusiasm. He’s in a shy stage. Plus, he was tired. It was nearly naptime. My neighbor, who is also a grandmother, beamed and asked, “Do you just hold him while he sleeps?” I admitted that, yes, in fact, I do. That afternoon as he napped in my arms, I thought of the amazing trust that allows a little one to so fully relax. Then I thought of how Jesus advised us all to be like little children. There’s a lot to unpack in that advice, but part of it is trust. I realized that as my grandson fully relaxed in my arms, I could fully relax in God’s.

“[I]n quietness and trust is your strength.”

– Isaiah 30:15, the Bible –

May your heart find peace and quietness, and may you sense the Presence that holds you.

Nurture peace, cultivate loving kindness, and carry the calm.

(The sketch above is one I made of my own son sleeping when he was small. He’s now the father of the grandson I hold during naptime.)

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I Have Loved the Stars

“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”

– Sarah Williams –

Even when stars are not visible – in daylight or under cloud cover at night – they are still there. And when life around us seems cloudy and dark, love is still there. Love holds steady. Grace holds. Kindness holds. These are our stars in the darkness. If we locate them, we can trust them to guide us on our journey; out of trust, hope is born. Step toward love. Step toward grace. Step toward kindness. And carry the calm.

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